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Fulfillment Services and Inventory Management

From printing, we've expanded our services to include fulfillment, packaging services and inventory management. With our wide selection of shipping options for your specific shipping needs - which include UPS and Fedex - Quad Express has the capability to deliver all your marketing materials to you on time. By having all these service under one roof – your printing needs are met in a more cost efficient and timely manner.

From our offices straight to your door. Our services are comprehensive – aside from our creative and printing services we also offer warehousing, packing, kitting, assembly and shipment of all printing materials. With this set-up you cut down on the number of people you coordinate with, as well as cut down on the costs.

Discounted Shipping. As an authorized UPS service outlet, we get volume discounts on shipping fees, which we also pass on to you – our clients.

Fast Turnaround. All of the services are completed in-house which ensures timely delivery of your marketing materials. This also expedites the fulfillment of your order – imagine having days shaved off your timelines!

Our team of professionals deliver only the best printing jobs. Our job just starts there, and ends when your order lands at your doorstep on-time, all the time.

Other services offered:

  • Assembly of Customized Marketing Kits
  • Hand Fulfillment
  • Daily pickup UPS and FEDEX
  • Split Shipping
  • Shrink Wrapping/Banding/Bundling
  • Hand Inserting
  • Warehouse Services
  • Special Packaging
  • Tubing
  • Presentation Folder Inserting
  • Customized Direct Mail Marketing Packages
  • and Assembly
  • Taping/Double Sided Tape Application